December 10

Camp Reflection -Phillip island

On the 15/9 was the day we had our camp where we were going to Phillip island.First we headed to the back off the school where we put our stuff down and waited with our friends for the bus’s to arrive and for us to put our stuff on it.When they arrived we put our luggage on and headed off,we watched as the parents waved goodbye.

he bus drive was long but we made time fly by with our own entertainment.When we stopped we had some lunch then got back on the bus.When we got there our legs were aching.We got put into our cabins except me and a few others who slept in tents put our stuff down and had our lunch.

Our first activity was beach walk where we walked along the beach find different creatures on the sand and on the rocks and we walked for a long time before we headed back.Since we got to the camp at lunch we only had one activity that day.

The next day we had marine discovery where we first discussed rips and what they are and how to spot them.Next we headed down to the beach to do a activity which was to rescue a person who was stranded but we had a little fun by messing around in the water when trying to get the person out.We had a lot of fun even though it was very cold in the water.The next activity was  surfing which was one of my favorites.We first had to change into some wet suits and then a fluro green shirt then we got our boards and headed down to the beach to start surfing.It was really fun but it was really cold down at the beach at that time.We surfed many waves and got smashed by them and it was really fun.

The next day we had a activity where we would use gps trackers to find the questions and then answer them but nobody wanted to have a competition so we just did to normally and once everyone finished we started doing hut building since we had a little spare time and in the end the boys won by a  lot but the teachers thought the girls won.


Our last activity was bike riding which was fun but some parts where challenging because we had to ride up tall hills and i’m not very good at doing that.It was still fun riding around the street.We rode for a couple of Km then we headed back to start geting ready for our last lunch at camp which was going to be hamburgers which i like alot.

My favorite thing at camp was the Gaga Pit where you would play gaga ball which is a small game where you hit a ball at someone trying to hit their feet and if the ball hits you on the feet or below the nee your out,everyone played it many times and had lots of fun.

The food at the place was nice and tasty,chicken, we had bolognaise with some galic bread, and we had hamgburgers on the last day for lunch which were nice and tasty with some vegtables.


At the camp was a really great experience and i had a fantastic time playing games, going surfing, playng gaga ball and lots of others.The places we went were fun and exiting and Phillip island was fantastic.In the end i actully had fun when sleeping in a tent.This wasnt the best camp out of them all but it was still really fun and fun becasue we got to do new things that we didnt do on the other camps.

December 9

Who’s to read and respond to word based math problems

How to read and respond to a word based maths problem

based maths problem

How to read and respond to a word based maths problem:

based maths problem

make your prediction
based maths problem

list and work through the things you need to clarify such as words , phrases or concepts (include relevant facts and details)
based maths problem

identify the the BIG question
based maths problem

decide how you are going to go about solving the problem (include the strategy/ies from the Mathematician’s Toolbox you use
based maths problem

summarise the process you just went through, remember to word it so you include the initial question with your answer

December 9

Reflection-history presentations

Over the term we have learnt about immigration and aboriginals and Torres strait by looking at stories of families  fleeing war or others doing things to get right for the aboriginals and Torres strait  islanders.For my project I did Eddie Mabo and we managed to complete the presentation on time and we answered a lot of our questions from our question matrix.I did my presentation with Atticus. We made a power point with some information but we had most of our information on a word document.

Three facts that i found interesting

I found that a person called general Pinochet scared lots of immigrants from Chile in 1973 and 55 boats in total came to Australia from Vietnam after the war and lots of students went on a bus trying to get aboriginals rights.

Two things you understand

I understand it was hard for the people effected by WW2 because their homes were destroyed and all their belongings were missing and they had nowhere to go.I also understand Vietnamese people had trouble trying to get to Australia after everything was destroyed back in Vietnam after the war.

I would like to know what was the total amount of people affected by WW2.

Most important things i learnt

The most important things iv’e learnt are how lots of people were affected by war and what war can do to a person.I also learnt lost about Eddie Mabo and what he did for aboriginal and Torres strait islanders

How did i learn it

I learnt it by researching the topic of Eddie Mabo and doing a presentation on him.I also took notes and listened to other peoples presentations about other things related to immigration. We have also looked at the topic of immigration for the last term and going to different classes and going on and excursion to the immigration and Melbourne museum to learnt about stories of people.

December 9

Stop motion film-Elephant

With our budies we create a stop motion film using a program on our computers.In the film we had a animal that we chose and made out of some materials in class with a backround that suits the animal.We took 6 or more photos then used the program to create the movie.We then recoreded our voice of answer some questions then we put it all together.

December 9

Science Project-Can a apple complete a circuit

Aim-For our project we are trying to see if a apple can complete a circuit and if it does we want to know why and how the apple completes the circuit from the power box.We also want to identify


– peeled apple

-normal apple


-power box



1.peel apple (at home)

2.get normal apple(at home)

3.test peeled apple with circuit

4.test normal apple with circuit

5.record results


The apple did complete the circuit after a couple tries but the voltage on the power box had to be turned up to 6 volts. Some rearranging had to be done with the wires and the volts  for the power to get to through apple and in not the light but in the end our experiment worked.


December 9

Buddies Picnic reflection

Today we went to the royal botanic gardens with our small buddies for the whole day and had a lot of fun playing a couple of games and walking around the park listening and looking around the place. We all enjoyed it a lot and we learnt some things too.

We first got our booklets for us to fill out then we hopped on the bus in the morning with our buddies and headed to the royal botanic gardens for the day.We first hopped off and lined up then headed in to our first destination in the park.We first headed to the lake where we sat by the bank and had a look at the animals that were swimming in the water and we saw some ducks, swans, and some Eels which were really cool.We had to fill out our booklet and draw what these animals looked like then we went to our next destination.

Then we went and ate recess by our self.We headed to our next place which was the Herb garden and it was nice and peaceful with lots of herbs and plants that smelt nice but others smelt terrible.We stayed there for a while and did the same thing in our booklets as we did with the lake. Then we headed to lunch with everyone and after we ate and and a nice chat we played a giant game of duck, duck ,goose then we headed back to the bus while singing the rat song then we went back to school.